Yes, we can change to ski or snowboard on the simulator. For one
session duration of 30 minutes, we usually limit to one discipline only to ensure the client can get
enough time for practice and a full experience on simulator.

We do not have trial sessions, but you are welcome to choose to have a
single session (30 or 60 minutes) if it’s your first time.

The simulator tracks every movement of your skis/snowboard. Multiple built-in sensors map all the parameters such as the position of your skis on the slope, your speed, energy and edging angles. You can apply the same ski/ snowboard techniques that you used on snow on the simulator with realistic slope conditions to train your muscles and improve your riding.

Of course! We have a lot of young skiers and snowboarders here. To determine if your child is ready for ski or snowboard training, please call the studio for an evaluation.

Sportswear and bring along your own ski socks (or long socks). We have ski and snowboard boots available for use (rental fee $5), but you may bring your own boots if you wish.
Absolutely! We welcome all levels of skiers and snowboarders. For absolute beginners or for those who haven’t skied for a while, they can start to get themselves familiar with the basic techniques and have an enjoyable and safe skiing experience here. For intermediate/ advanced skiers and snowboarders, the simulator is perfect to practice alpine carving and progress their riding with better understanding on balancing, edging angles, posture (e.g. upper and lower body separation for skiers), rotation movement…etc. under different snow conditions. Build up muscle memory to get prepared for your next ski trip.
Yes, you can. We will recommend having not more than 2 additional guests to come along and watch the session to ensure a comfortable environment for all our clients.

Booking a session is done online. Please follow “prices and schedule” tab. in the middle of the tab you will see “book now” link. Choose duration of the session you want and after that choose a date and time. You will see only available times. After booking you receive email and text confirmation. 

To reschedule/cancel a session, please go to the original email confirmation . At the bottom of the email you will see links to reschedule or cancel. We would appreciate 48 hours advance notice with minimum of 24 hours notice. For students with packages or memberships, “no show” will mean a loss of the session.