Services & Training

To participate in a session, you need to bring:

  • Sport attire
  • Long socks: bring long socks or buy from us
  • Bring your own ski or snowboard boots or rent from us for $5
  • A positive outlook, being ready to learn and having fun!

Sensors Track Your Motion

Multiple sensors track the position of your skis on the slope, edging angles, speed and much more. The simulator knows what you are doing each and every second.

Software Creates the Exact Sensation of Skiing

You are able to ski multiple trails and race courses under different snow conditions including moguls and bumps.

Powerful Motors, Recreate the G-force

Hidden inside the motion platform of the ski simulator, computer controlled motors generate all the forces and elements of ski technique just as they are.

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality

Ski endless slope or pick slalom, GS or downhill. Jump onto Olympic tracks created by multiple large size UHD TVs

We provide 30 and 60 minutes individual sessions as well as group sessions.

Technical information for ski professionals, ski racers and those curious about how it works.

President Lux Simulator:

  • Platform run: 19’/5.80m suitable for training of both slalom and giant slalom courses.
  • Immersive Virtual Reality: Fully 3 large UHD TVs will provide amazing interactive experience.
  • Power 6.0 kW/8 HP motor: Rapid accelerations created by powerful drive system of the simulator result in realistic on snow feelings, that correlate into efficient training of all elements of techniques. Improve your upper-lower body separation, hip angulation, rolling your knee and ankle, balance, timing and reaction, which are critical skills necessary for proper carving technics. Helps to improve endurance and stamina. Enjoy slopes all day long!
  • Simulator tracks every movement of your skis/board. Multiple built-in sensors map all the parameters such as the position of your skis/board on the slope and your edging angles. Software in combination with drive powertrain recreate realistic slope conditions with nearly every aspect of the slope, available for customization. The snow conditions could be adjusted from hard-packed to soft or icy. Even more we could also generate bumps on the slope. The simulator provides a match of physical forces and biomechanics of skiing and snowboarding.
  • Ski coaches: can request specific settings for slalom/giant slalom courses such as length between gates, off set and many other options to prepare athletes for upcoming competitions. The following could be objectives of your training session, but not limited to: Slalom/Giant Slalom/Gate training/Line & Rhythm/Edging & Pressure control/Endurance & Conditioning. Book a time with us and bring your athletes for your personal coaching session.
  • Full body workout: Engage all main muscle groups and create a unique combination of strength and cardio exercises. Train and improve your sense of balance, agility, coordination and stamina.

Ski Areas

The simulator comes with a set of SkyTechSport designed ski areas including the endless slope, slalom courses and GS. You could choose Racing Tracks of 2014 Olympics and 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, to Wengen Switzerland, Kitzbuhel Austria and Beaver Creek CO in the US


Wengen, Switzerland

Home of the The Lauberhorn ski races

Kitzbuhel, Austria

Alpine resort known for the annual Hahnenkamm downhill race

PyeongChang, South Korea

2018 Winter Games resort

2014 Olympic Resort


Beaver Creek, Colorado

Host to the World Ski Championships